It really was a Grand opening!

At the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony for River Region Golden Shears & More Downtown location, I talked with a small business owner. It may have been a one-person business.

He said he had a website and I asked if he used Facebook to promote his business. His answer is very typical – no. The answer is no because he does not have the time. If you are a one- or two-person business there is not a lot of time to keep up with the demands of the business coupled with the demands of feeding Facebook with thoughtful and effective posts.

He seemed very interested in what MacZas is doing for Golden Shears & More Downtown location. He understands the need to have a social media strategic marketing plan.

MacZas is your marketing team and our company caters to small business owners. Tina is running the social media marketing campaign for Golden Shears & More downtown site.

The press releases and Facebook posts drew WSFA, Alabama News Network, the Montgomery Advertiser and Gumptown Magazine reporters to the highly successful ribbon-cutting ceremony. The newspaper ran the story on the front page, above the fold. We were as excited ad the Golden Shears owner and staff!

In fact - the coverage went national - the Associated Press, USA Today, US News and the Arizona Republic all picked up the story.

Of course were are proud of the work we did to make this happen. But the bigger thrill was seeing the Golden Shears & More owner, Reggie Miller, and his team in the spotlight. Their success is our success. THAT is why we started our company.

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