Does Facebook replace a website?

Facebook does not replace your website.

I have been cold calling businesses to tell them about our services. The cold calls are actually emails although some do turn into phone call.

I talked to someone at a well-known retail store that has a Facebook page, but no website. They did not want a website. It was a sharp rebuke. I called another company with a Facebook page, but no website. They, too, were against a website. They were adamant. Why would they need a website?

Why would a business have a Facebook page, but no website? Cost? Time? Wanting to stay small?

Facebook is your support system for your website. Facebook enables businesses to expand their digital footprint.

Perhaps the single-most important aspect of a website is that you control it. You own it. That’s important. You don’t control Facebook – it controls you. You are limited in how you present information. You’re not the boss.

That control thing is very, very important. Businesses – large and small – want as much control as possible over all aspects of their company, their brand and their information.

Your website can generate revenue by selling ads or sponsorships. That is another revenue stream you may not have thought about. Facebook? You cannot sell ad space.

And there is this from Conversion Strategies Inc.: “Use social media as a marketing platform to drive traffic back to your website.”

Conversion Strategies urges its clients to “invest in a website” and reach new audiences and grow their company with social media.

A website is the foundation. That’s where you start and we can design that website for you.

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