Is your social media strategic?

I was promoting the new business that Tina and I formed at a recent networking event. I was saying all the services that we offer at MacZas, LLC.

I was talking with a business owner and said that Tina is an expert in social media strategic marketing – an experienced professional. The business owner said that his company was using a summer intern to handle their social media.

Tina is the social media expert, but I said that posting something on social media is not strategic. Posting anything is not effective.

As a business owner do you want to trust a summer intern with how you market and brand your company? Or would you rather place your trust in someone who understands strategic social media marketing?

Everything that summer intern posts is a reflection of your company. Are those posts effective? Do the posts convey the right message? What does the summer intern know about your company strategy?

Tina, who was a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for 20 years, is your source for strategic social media marketing.

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