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I recently talked with a banker and the conversation got around to websites. He said it really bothers him when he clicks on a company’s news and a press release pops up from 2016 or 2015. Or even 2014.

It’s not just me that reacts to ancient news on a company’s website. Writing and posting news developments frequently falls through the proverbial cracks in a company/organization.

The responsibility to maintain a website with up-to-date news may fall on a company’s marketing department – a department that may not have the resources to write press releases and news stories. It's probably on a to-do list, but there are always more pressing priorities.

The problem is that website visitors do not care about your lack of resources or your priorities. If a visitor is put off by outdated news. they may leave the website and search for another company. Now, that’s a big deal. You could be losing customers every day and not even know it.

I’m a writer. I can keep your news up to date as well as write blogs, bios, stories for your website and press releases.

Let me help you keep your news and information current -- and turn your website visitors into clients!

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