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We earlier published “Seven Reasons You Haven’t Heard on Why Your Business Needs a Blog” on our website.

Not all blogs are created equal and the point is that a business needs a blog, but not just any blog to have a blog. It’s not a matter of checking off a box of things to do. A blog needs to be effective.

One of the reasons a business needs a blog is all about content – keeping it fresh. It’s important for your website visitors to have new information to digest. Why do news publications constantly update their websites? New content helps attract visitors and keeps them coming back for more, but you have to feed them new information.

The writer of the “Seven Reasons” states that having a blog helps business owners think about new content online. It’s a reminder to update your website.

Those are very important points, but do you have someone on your staff who can write a blog? You may think that you can write a blog and you may. Or may not.

I have been writing professionally for decades. My journalism career actually dates back to junior high school. I was a paid professional covering high school and junior college football games while I was in high school.

Let’s talk about a blog and what messages you want your clients and potential clients to read.

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