Posting company news is not a blog.

When I talk to business owners about blogs, I always spend time telling them what is NOT a blog.

I tell them that listing events is not a blog although listing your events is a good idea.

I tell them that sharing that you have hired an employee or promoted an employee is not a blog, but you do want people to know about personnel news.

I tell them announcing a new product or service is not a blog, but it’s something you should definitely do.

I tell them that announcing a move or second location is not a blog, but something you want on your website under a news header.

A blog should provide tips or general information or explain a company’s products and services. Why does a consumer/client need your company’s products or services? What sets you apart from competitors?

Blogs are a great venue only not for specific information about a product or service, but also general information such as tips for a potential homebuyer or someone seeking an auto loan or car insurance or someone looking for a fitness center or fitness trainer. A blog should have information that is valuable to the reader.

Blogs can complement your company’s strategic marketing. Blogs on your website do help with search engine optimization. It could be one more thing that sets you apart from rivals.

But please don’t confuse a blog with news or events. They are not comparable.

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