It's personal.

A friend of Tina’s is pursuing a promising acting career and she asked if Tina could design a personal website. Yes, she can. She is working on it now. I recently talked to somebody who asked if Tina could design a personal website. Yes, she can.

OK, you see the pattern. When we say that no job is too small – we mean that. Tina will design a personal website. And it will be affordable.

A personal website is ideal for someone who is thinking about turning a hobby into a part-time job or for someone looking to promote themselves in a new endeavor. Thinking you would like to start a blog? She can create a site just for your personal blog.

Looking for a new job? Want to make a career move? Forbes agrees that a personal resume website can put you ahead of the pack! Share your creative skills, your deepest thoughts, vacation and holiday pictures, family recipes. Check out HubSpot's list of the 18 Best Personal Websites - it will inspire you.

What are you waiting for? Just email Tina ( and you will be on your way to having the personal website you have always wanted. At a price you can afford. Yes, we can.

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