Blogs are the heart of your website

I was chatting with a business owner at a Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce event, proposing to write a blog for his business.

My timing was excellent. He said that he had just returned from a social media conference and was told that a successful website must have a blog. I could not have said it better. And it’s true.

Why is a blog so critical to your website? Tina is a social media guru and strategic marketing expert who told me Top 5 Reasons to Blog:

  1. Effective content marketing - Consistent fresh content on your website and social media.

  2. SEO - Important for search engine optimization.

  3. Available 24/7 - People can read your blog on their own time.

  4. Relationships - Its a great way to create a relationship with your customers.

  5. Validation - Portrays you as an authority in your industry.

Content marketing, SEO - great buzz words. To me, a blog helps attract people to your website and those people are your potential clients/consumers. A blog helps market your business by:

  • Describing how your services/products benefit a consumer or client.

  • Providing general information to assist consumers in making decisions.

  • Explaining how your services/products set you apart from rivals.

I have decades of writing experience and can tailor a blog for your business.

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