Nobody does it better.

I just finished scheduling a million blogs that David wrote this past week... OK. Maybe not a million, but a lot. He is an amazingly talented and prolific writer.

When we were working on the Montgomery Business Journal, he wrote as many as 15 stories each month - and came up with most of the content ideas. They were all well researched, informative and written in an engaging way. Take a look at any magazine - they have multiple writers and editors doing what David did.

Part of the reason he is so prolific is because he loves writing. He started on his journalism path early. At his high school reunion I met his school newspaper circle. Most no longer write. Many are very successful - they just did not stick with journalism.

David always knew he wanted to be a writer. He prides himself in creating articles, bios and blogs that are engaging, factually correct and informative.

And yes. That is Frank Sinatra in the picture. David said, "I'm David Zaslawsky." And Old Blue Eyes said - "I know who you are. I read your columns." Now, how cool is that?

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