Who are you?

People like doing business with people they know. I’ve heard that mantra countless times and that’s because it’s true.

Think about it. Don’t you prefer doing business with someone you know? Why do you go to the same people to polish your nails; cut/color your hair or even the same dry cleaners? We go to the same banker because we feel comfortable with them. You turn to the same CPA you have been using for years to do your taxes. We see the same insurance agent.

The list goes on and on. We often go to the same car dealer when it’s time to get a new vehicle. You go to the same attorney, too. Don’t you see the same doctor and dentist and take your pets to the same vet?

We keep going back to the same professionals because we trust them. We know them and they know us. We have built a relationship.

What if an individual has not established one or more of those business relationships? You may ask a friend to recommend an insurance agent or travel agent and then you will visit that person’s website.

When you go to that website, it would be wonderful to click on an attorney’s bio or a banker’s bio or a doctor’s bio or a vet’s bio. That is an important first step in getting to know someone.

If you don’t have bios on your website, you are leaving out key information that potential client needs to begin your relationship. I can write those bios and help you on your path to growing relationships and ultimately - your business.

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