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A business associate remarked that the MacZas website is “clean and crisp.” I like that description. It’s a compliment.

For those of you who know Tina Mac, her graphic design background has always been keeping it clean and crisp. Never wordy or cluttered.

When I go to a website, I’m looking for information. I don’t want to be wowed with bells and whistles. I don’t need to access the same information from three different places. I certainly don’t want to navigate such a cluttered website that I get frustrated. Some websites can be overwhelming – overly busy. That is not a good thing. Underwhelming is much better.

Websites are sources of information. It’s that simple. You can hide the information with clutter – with those bells and whistles that serve a very limited purpose. Or you can keep it clean and crisp. To me, that’s user-friendly and isn’t that the point? I don’t want to waste time finding information. I also don’t need to be entertained.

How many times will you return to a website that is not user-friendly? How many friends and family members might you tell about your frustrating experience?

That’s why our website – designed by Tina - is “clean and crisp.” I’ll add user-friendly. What do you think?

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